Soldier returns home to find stolen storage

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Thursday, Jan. 30th, 2014

Edgefield County, SC (WRDW)- Alexsus Houston is back from Afghanistan after a 9 month deployment, but her time on the battlefield didn't prepare her for what she'd find when she got home.

"I lifted the gates up and there was nothing in the unit like nothing it was completely cleaned out," said Houston.

A matress, bunk beds, table, military equipment practically everything she owned, houston kept at Johnston Storage.

"It's hurtful to come back home and you're thinking your stuff is secure and it's not and everything is just gone," said Houston.

Houston had to replace everything in order to furnish her apartment.

"You have to start all the way over and this stuff is expensive. You're trying to make an honest living and your just trying to live life right and you have nothing to come home to," said Houston.

The storage facility is surrounded by a fence and a code at the gate is the only way in. Houston says she thought the units were secure.

Be more aware of what they have to offer because you never know it might happen to you.

Houston said the company did give her money back and luckily she did have renters insurance. We called Johnston Storage but have yet to hear back.