Series of car break-ins in Graniteville

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Friday, May 09, 2014

GRANITEVILLE, S.C. (WRDW)—Aiken County Sheriff’s office investigators are looking into a series of car break ins in the Sudlow Lake area.

Incident reports show that more than a dozen cars were broken into between two neighborhoods Monday night into Tuesday morning. Jeramy Markel had his truck broken into as well—but what they were after wasn’t what you might thing.

“My wife came out to crank up the truck and she came inside and told me it's not cranking,” recalled Markel,” So I come and pop the hood and I look down and whoever did it cut my hot wire, they cut the ground and they cut the turn signal.”

According to several sheriff’s office reports, many cars had they’re windows broken out in the process as well.

“They told there were like 16 break ins in one night or the last few nights so there must be some big deal going on,” said Markel.

And next time, Markel says he’ll be ready.

“I've got three pit bulls inside, I've got a great dane inside--and I've got a .22--I have no issues protecting my property,” said Markel, “You've got one time to piss me off and this was their one time.”