$85B in budget cuts impact the CSRA

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News 12 at 11 o'clock / Sunday, March 3, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- "What's gonna happen in the future?" Chelsea Ryan asked.

It's the same question on so many minds now that President Obama has signed the sequestration order that set in motion the automatic $85 billion in government spending cuts.

And these cuts are across the board, including federal cuts to defense and emergency response.

But also programs that hit closer to home, such as homelessness programs, small business assistance and health and scientific research -- a hit that will directly effect Georgia Regents University.

Something some locals are feeling strongly about.

"There's ways to cut budget increases," said Benjamin Doying, who owns a small business in Augusta.

Aside from worrying about the future of his business, he says there are better ways to cut the deficit -- ways that don't take away from things like aiding the homeless.

"We pay so much every year to take care of homeless people in other countries, while people in this country are starving? And we just leave them alone?" Doying said.

Another hot topic for people in our area is education cuts.

Chelsea Ryan, a working mother who lives in Augusta, says she's worried about her children's future.

"I'm more worried about that because I have three kids and I want them to grow up the same way I did and it's not happening," Ryan said. "And that right there is a shame, it should not be going on."

The entire sequester is over nine years and ultimately sets out to make $1.2 trillion in budget cuts.

The $85 billion in cuts is just for this year alone.

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