Second man killed in Washington, Georgia in a week

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Sunday, June 1st, 2014

WASHINGTON, Ga. (WRDW) -- A 67-year-old man was found dead in Washington and investigators are treating it as a homicide and are still searching for a suspect.

This is the second man killed in Washington in less than a week.

"I just can't understand why things like this are happening, and people just don't have any love or morals for each other anymore," Tommie Evans said.

Shock rips through Washington, GA once again. Early Sunday morning neighbors found the body of James Edwards. Tommie Evans, said he was friends with Edwards for more than 50 years and was surprised to hear he was killed.

"It's a sad, sad occasion. We're all God's children, and I don't understand why people are doing the things they are doing," Evans said.

The coroner tells News 12 that Edwards was shot, but it will take an autopsy to tell how he died, which is scheduled for Monday. Investigators are treating this as a homicide and are looking for the suspect.

"We've been able to narrow it down to about a two hour time frame we're looking at, and we're trying to go back and find out where he was at and who may have been with him around that time," said GBI special agent Pat Morgan.

The 67-year-old's body was found right along a pathway. This is the second time Washington has seen a crime scene in less than a week,and this is something they say doesn't happen very often.

"Very not like Washington, Georgia," said Theodosia Glenn, with the Washington Police Department.

Washington had zero homicides last year, and this year they've seen two in one week.

"It's a quite small town. When something like this happens it just interrupts the whole entire city," Evans said.

With the fate o the Washington Police Department hanging in the balance, people in the community say it's now more than ever they need to come together.

"We all just need to pull together and love on another,and all this senselessness needs to stop," Evans said.

Investigators are asking for your help. If you have any information call the GBI or the Washington Police Department.

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