School using new ways to reach students with learning disabilities

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News 12 This Morning / Friday, Aug. 15, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Teachers at SOAR Academic Academy are using a different approach to connect with their students.

They recently moved to a new location, and now they're putting children in grades K through 8 all in one classroom.

"The students are able to learn from each other. Their classmates can sometimes can break it down for them," said Director Kenisha Higgins.

Higgins says at SOAR, the children are usually grouped up with about 2-3 students per teacher.

She says they work hard to make sure the lessons are customized to each student's personal style, so the material sinks in.

Kimberly Reformat is a teacher at SOAR, and she says switching to a one classroom setting has been better for both the teachers, and the students.

"Most of the children in the center have the same problems with learning," Reformat said.

Reformat said by grouping the students in the same room, they are able to learn from each others mistakes.

SOAR focuses on getting students at, or above, the academic performance level they should be on.

They work heavily with children who have learning disabilities.