School custodian fired, mother of alleged victim speaks

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News 12 at 11 o'clock/ Tuesday, Sept. 17th, 2013


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- A Richmond County custodian is out of a job after accusations he molested two girls at school.

Reginald Price is accused of hugging the girls and inappropriately touching their buttocks. He was also accused of this same thing in an Aiken County school.

Now the mother of an alleged victim is saying the second incident never should have happened.

"She said 'mommy the man did it all over again'," recalled Mary Lambert.

Her daughter came home from school last week saying the man who had allegedly molested her in 2012 was now being accused of doing the same thing to another girl.

"When this happened back in 2012 they should've done something then instead of putting it in a stack of paper and never getting anywhere," said Lambert.

In March 2012, her daughter, just 13 at the time, said she was inappropriately touched on the bottom by her school janitor at Murphey Middle School, Reginald Price.

"That could've been anybody's child, but it was mine," she said.

The incident report describes the victim as "very shaken up and afraid to be near the male custodian".

"This child didn't want to go school," recalled her mom. "When she was at school, she was afraid to go to the bathroom by herself. She was peaking around corners."

The school safety department says they did a thorough investigation and did not find enough evidence to arrest Price.

Lambert says she was never contacted by an investigator, "When this happened to my child, did you all not believe her? Did you all think she was lying?"

Price was moved to another school, CT Walker, but on September 4th a 13 year old girl there accused Price of the same thing.

"I want the board to know that they failed. They failed. It took a second child to be fondled with or whatever for you to look back at my child?," said Lambert.

Lambert says the most recent news has brought back memories her daughter had been trying to erase for more than a year.

"My daughter she's having these feelings all over again. 'Now Momma what if this man gets out and he tries to retaliate on me?' These are her questions," explained Lambert.

Her biggest fear is there could be more.

"Some children, they're not gonna speak up because they are afraid," she said.

Again three students have accused him. Lambert's daughter was the second.

The first happened in Aiken County. Price was arrested in 2011 for assault and battery in the 3rd degree. He was working at Aiken Middle School at the time.

We asked Dr. Roberson if they were aware of the prior incident when Price was hired. He says they are still investigating that.

He says public safety is in charge of doing background checks. Back then, Patrick Clayton and Richard Roundtree would have been responsible for that.

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