School expansion in North Augusta could bring change to area

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News 12 at 11 O'clock / Thursday, November 14, 2013

North Augusta, S.C. (WRDW) - There's a feeling of change around North Augusta.

"It is the up and coming area," said Paige Day, an assistant principal at North Augusta High School.

And when people think change, they say it starts here.

One parent of a student told News 12, "I've had one daughter go through it in it's current crowded state."

Days response: "It's crowded and we've done what we can."

But now, it's time for that change, and Day is certainly ready to take it on.

"We'll be bringing up the back in of our school which is a sinkhole currently," she said.

The school just got approved to expand. The complete project would take more than 20 years to complete but in the end, would mean a completely new school for North Augusta.

The plan includes seven phases, the first scheduled to be completed in 2015. It includes a technology center and science wing.

The second phase will focus on a new administration, guidance office, and a media center. The total of the two phases equal close to 40,000 feet.

"The kids in this town, they need a better school," said Day. "That's where the taxpayers money will be best spent to bring us into a more modern school."

And it's certainly a positive for Robert Williams. From education to everyday living, he stands behind change for North Augusta.

"I've been very impressed about the whole experience living here," said Williams.

He's been here for more than 20 years and things just seem to keep getting better.

"The greenway has gone in since I moved here," he said.

Another possible addition is a baseball stadium, dozens of businesses, hotels, and hundreds of opportunities for the younger generation growing up in North Augusta.

"You know they'll be seeing that in its whole finished state," said Williams.

With fresh education right around the corner, there's nothing but optimism going into the future.

"It's going to be a place that people want to live because they can see that we care about education, we care about our kids," says Day.