Salvation Army rebounding from car vandals, hosts auto auction

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News 12 at 6 O'clock / Saturday, February 1, 2014

Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) -- Going once, Going twice, To the highest bidder.

"Some competition on this vehicle," said one bidder.

It's a car, Jackson McGahee, might not have had the chance to bid on.

"I just needed a new driver for myself," he said.

Just two weeks ago, four cars were vandalized in this auto yard at the Salvation Army of Augusta, leaving the non-profit desperately searching for replacements.

"We put a plea out to the community asking for help," said Beth Bargeron with the Salvation Army of Augusta.

The response, they say was unbelievable. By that next week, they had ten cars donated, giving today's auction an extra boost.

One of those donated cars, now has a home in McGahee's driveway.

"A good old kind of country boy vehicle, so there was some bidders on it," he said.

Bargeron says, "They're getting a car for a good price."

Those funds raised today, will help she and her team catch back up.

"All of the operating funds go into the main operating budget," she said.

Last year, they faced a shortage in donations with almost a 20 pecent drop from 2012.

"We think of the auction as a win win, win," said Bargeron.

With ten more cars in today's mix, it's helping buyers.

"Transportation's pretty much an essential thing these days," said McGahee.

And the non-profit itself.

"Hopefully raise a good amount of funds for our drug and alcohol rehab program," said Bargeron.

But most of all, help the community...

"Really help out people in the community that really need a car," said McGahee.

Folks like McGahee, who's thrilled to give back while getting something in return.

"You definitely still have your heart rushing every time you throw up the bidder card," he said.