Richmond Co. STAR Students, Teachers honored during luncheon

Richmond County's STAR Students and Teachers were honored on Monday. (WRDW-TV)
Richmond County's STAR Students and Teachers were honored on Monday. (WRDW-TV)
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Monday, Feb. 11, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Richmond County school leaders honored a group of special high school students on Monday.

They are called STAR Students because they are in the top 10 percent or top 10 students in their class and have scored exceptionally well on the SATs.

The STAR Student is then able to pick their STAR Teacher, the educator who made the biggest impact on his or her education.

The teachers and students enjoyed lunch at St. Paul's Episcopal Church on Reynolds Street on Monday.

"To see all these other people and to know I was chosen is very humbling. Through it, I'm able to recognize all those who made my achievements possible. It's every bit as much as their honor as it is mine," said Meiji Nguyen, a STAR Student at Davidson Fine Arts.

Nguyen says he's hoping to attend Georgia Tech in the fall and major in physics.

The full list of 2013 STAR Students and Teachers:

  • A.R. Johnson Magnet High School

    (P) Ms. Lamonica Lewis

    Student: Miss Grace C. Schneider

    Teacher: Ms. Porsha Pollock

    Parents: Ms. Barbara Schneider

  • Academy of Richmond County

    (P) Mr. Tim Spivey

    Student: Mr. William Bush

    Teacher: Mr. Scott Guinn

    Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Whatley Bush

  • Alleluia Community School

    (P) Mr. Dan Funsch

    Student: Miss Josephine Hartney

    Teacher: Mr. Andy Hatfield

    Parents: Mr. Tom Hartney

  • Aquinas High School

    (P) Mr. Chris Paul

    Student: Mr. Lewis Carter Wertz

    Teacher: Mrs. Ann Bell

    Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Alan Wertz

  • Aquinas High School

    (P) Mr. Chris Paul

    Student: Mr. Jerome Villena Amurao

    Teacher: Mrs. Ann Bell

    Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Guillermo Amurao

  • Cross Creek High School

    (P) Mr. Jason Moore

    Student: Miss Eleanor Ann Ferrara

    Teacher: Mr. Richard Ward

    Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Ferrara

  • Curtis Baptist School

    (P) Mr. William Pevy

    Student: Miss Summer M. Hopkins

    Teacher: Ms. Debbie Lancaster

    Parents: Ms. Cherri Hopkins

  • George P. Butler High School

    (P) Mr. G. Thompson

    Student: Mr. Amos K. Stukes

    Teacher: Dr. Pamela Ray

    Parents: Ms. Kisha Hailiu

  • Hephzibah High School

    (P) Mr. Walter Reeves

    Student: Mr. Tyler Jermaine Abney

    Teacher: Mr. Brian Adams

    Parents: Ms. Lia Abney

  • John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School

    (P) Mrs. Vicky Addison

    Student: Miss Meiji Minhtri Nguyen

    Teacher: Mr. Everett Cannady

    Parents: Ms. Jennifer Nguyen

  • Lucy Craft Laney High School

    (P) Dr. Tonia Mason

    Student: Miss Heather Adel Yontz

    Teacher: Mrs. Cheryl Cofer

    Parents: Mr. Leonard Yontz

  • T.W. Josey High School

    (P) Dr. Ronald Wiggins

    Student: Mr. Jeffery Robinson II

    Teacher: Dr. Shannon Moore

    Parents: Mr. Jeffery Robinson Sr.

  • Westminster Schools of Augusta

    (P) Mr. Craig Johnson

    Student: Miss Hope Ghann Patterson

    Teacher: Mr. Randall Nichols

    Parents: Ms. Fonda Patterson

  • Westside High School

    (P) Ms. Debbie Alexander

    Student: Mr. Ryan Eugene Thurmond

    Teacher: Mr. David Bradberry

    Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Gary Thurmond

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