SRNS outlines restructuring that will cut 1,400 jobs

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

AIKEN CTY, S.C. -- The Department of Energy has approved a plan by the major SRS contractor to restructure the workforce and eliminate some jobs in the coming year.

The changes will mean "we have the right set of skills to achieve our mission at the greatest value for taxpayers," Savannah River Nuclear Solutions President & CEO Gary Flowers said in a letter to employees.

The first part of a three-phase plan will start Monday and give permanent, full-service employees an opportunity to leave or retire. Those workers will receive a week's pay for every year they worked at the company and may be eligible for continued medical coverage from the government, Flowers said.

The company will then hold two rounds of layoffs, in January and August of 2011. Employees will be selected be based on ranking or seniority, depending on the position. Laid-off workers will get the same benefits of those who left voluntarily, in addition to career counseling services to help find a new job.

The biggest factor for the change is the end of federal stimulus money. About 1,300 people were hired using that money, including contractors on short-term assignments.

The goal is to eliminate 1,400 jobs by October of 2011 so the workforce size better matches the scope of the SRNS mission, Flowers said.