SPLOST 7 vote is now up to you

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News12 at 5 o'clock/ Mon. March, 15th 2014

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Augusta, Ga (WRDW)------Augusta Commissioners just approved a nearly $200 million SPLOST referendum on the May ballot.

It didn't happen without fireworks. Leaders talked about what was left out, what was put in.

There are also accusations of name calling for any commissioners who voted for it. The final decision is now up to voters.

"It's time for some of us to grow up and stop acting like children because we can't get our way," said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

Commissioner Bill Fennoy is raging mad one of his colleagues called him a gang of six member because he voted for the almost 200 million SPLOST package.

The heated words between commissioners caused some to smile.

"I can't support it. It's a package that's been rushed through way to quickly. We're talking about giving around $21 million to outside agencies. I don't think that's appropriate," said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

Commissioner Mason said what bothers him most is the millions for the Newman Tennis Center and the Aquatics Center, but not one dime for the patch. Millions for the Imperial and Miller theaters and only $400,000 for the River walk.

"I don't think the way it was processed was handled appropriately. I don't like the way commissioners schedules weren't considered when the planning took place," said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

Commissioners Alvin Mason, Bill Lockett, and Marion Williams are all against it. Everybody else including the mayor are standing beside their decision and the package.

"Well I think our constituents are a very well educated group. I think they will make the decision based on what's in the SPLOST and what they feel is important to this community not what some leaders are telling them to do," said Commissioner Donnie Smith.

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