SC bills would bring texting while driving restrictions

Monday April 21, 2014


South Carolina legislators are moving one step closer to bringing a ban to texting while driving in the state. The last state in the South to not have a ban, South Carolina legislators now have two options on the table to make texting while driving against the law.

“Adults and young people, it’s not just certain ones,” said grandmother of two Kathy LeRoy,” They’re doing it more than you would have thought.”

So far in Aiken County this year there have been 6 fatal wrecks and over 200 in South Carolina, many of those the result of texting while driving. So today, South Carolina Department of Public Safety and Drive Safe Aiken teamed up to show students of South Aiken High School what happens when you wreck a vehicle.

“Teenagers, 15 to 24 number one killer of people in that age group are motor vehicle crashes,” said SCHP Lance Corporal Judd Jones, “so we’ve got to get them thinking a little bit.”

Both the state Senate and state House of Representatives have passed individual bills. Those bills will now head to the opposite chamber for approval, if they are voted in the bills will head to the Governor’s desk.