Runners travel over 200 miles to raise money for soldiers hurt in combat

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News 12 11pm / Sunday, March 2, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Sunday a group of runners finished a 4-day sprint taking them from Fort Benning to Fort Gordon.

The more than 200 mile run started on Thursday. News 12 was on post as the they crossed the finish line. The group of six runners say they want to help those who have helped them so much.

They say soldiers put their life on the line everyday and that's why they didn't mind putting their feet to the test to raise money for Wounded Warriors.

These runners are not in a marathon, but every step still counts. Soldiers from Fort Gordon motivated the group as they ran up the Fisher House driveway, which provides housing for families of soldiers being treated at the Eisenhower Medical Center.

Commanding General Warren Patterson shook hands and gave congrats to the group of six and says the money the runners raise is invaluable.

"It's about taking care of soldiers today and taking care of soldiers and their families in the future. So, this is a win, win, win," he said

As the crowd cheered--two young boys were on the look out for their dad-- a dad they wanted to tag along with.

"I was going to run with him," said 4 year-old Cole Lane.

When Lane and his older brother River asked their dad if they could join him on the run he says it touched him and pushed him to run harder for the kids of soldiers.

"It meant everything. It meant the whole world to me," Richard Lane said.

"We are glad to be at Fort Gordon and what a reception we have here," Ray Miller said.

Miller helped organized the 230 mile run from Fort Benning to Fort Gordon and says the goal of the run is to bring awareness.

"Hopefully this is one small way to bring a little bit of attention to the Wounded Warriors, as well as the Fisher House, and the Warrior Transition Battalion here on Fort Gordon," Miller said.

All the runners were given special coins from General Patterson but he also got a gift. A track baton with an American Flag that he rose to the air and says shows him why Fort Gordon is so special and different from any other place his military career has taken him.

"I have never been any place where the community around the Post always ask what can we do for Fort Gordon not what Fort Gordon could do for them," Patterson said.

The group hopes to meet and exceed the amount they raised last year which was $4,200. You can still help and donate through the month of March.

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