Richmond County students scoring below state wide average in AP testing

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News 12 11pm / Saturday, May 3, 2014

Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) -- The group who sets the standard for Richmond County students isn't too happy about certain test scores. A Board of Education retreat that was supposed to wrap up Saturday, finished a day earlier because everything was covered in the 6 hour meeting Friday. One of the topics was low AP test scores and now board members say educators need to go back to the drawing board.

"Will you remain a regular system or a charter system? And all this has to been done within 16 months," but before school board members like, Jack Padgett, make that call, they gathered at a retreat Friday that was supposed to end Saturday.

"Some of the board members couldn't be there today and the other issue was to not bring the administrative staff in on Saturday," Padgett told News 12.

The board may have given top educators a break by cutting the retreat short, but according to Padgett they did not let them off the hook.

"The biggest issue that came up was the test scores," he told News 12.

The AP test gives high school students a chance to earn college credits, but while parents can save on college classes, the system is stuck with a bill that's not giving much in return.

"1 out of 5 actually pass the course to get college credit," said Padgett..

Tax payers cover the $89 fee for test that Padgett says, only 19% of our students pass compared to the 52% state wide.

"It's not anything cheap that every average student should be allowed to do. I think the student needs to apply themselves and show that they are able to do it before they are allowed to take it," he said.

Padgett says students only have the ability to learn what they are taught and that's why the board is asking questions.

"When you have a school that has 100 kids and only several pass you know you're in trouble or it's not being taught correctly. This is what we are asking the superintendent and his cabinet to determine," Padgett told News 12.

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