Richmond County Schools could announce new superintendent next week

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News 12 at 11 O'clock / Friday, August 15, 2014

Augusta, Ga. (WRDW) -- Richmond County schools is one step closer to hiring a new leader. Dr. Anglea Pringle is the only candidate for the system's top job and next week we'll learn if she's the next superintendent. Education team 12 breaks down Friday's visit and the system Dr. Pringle comes from.

It's all smiles and handshakes, but Dr. Angela Pringle is ready to get to work if she's hired.

"The first thing I need to do is listen and understand Richmond County," she told News 12.

Dr. Pringle is a regional Superintendent for Dekalb County. Her region is similar to Richmond County Schools, but there is one difference the budget.
In her region of Dekalb it's 7 million dollars and here it's 200 million, but she says managing a budget almost 29 times bigger doesn't worry her.

"I think it's about the process. The process of managing budgets. It's not so much the quantity as it is the process of understanding each division," she said.

While the budget is bigger in Richmond County her salary may not be. The out going superintendent makes about $170,000 compared to the $122,000 Pringle makes in Dekalb.

"I don't think her pay will be equal to his since she has not been an actual superintendent. She's coming is as an assistant," Board member Jack Padgett said.

That wasn't the only issue Padgett shared when the announcement first came out. He also had concerns about Dekalb's alleged financial problems, nepotism, and infighting that led to probation. However, Pringle addressed it all in her interview.

"It's taught me a lot of things, like what the red flags should be. What a superintendent needs to look out for? And how important it is for the superintendent and the board of education to be unified," she told the board during her interview.

Dr. Pringle says it's not about the past for her she's looking towards the future and what she can do for Richmond County.

"I aim high. I expect us to get to the high levels of student achievement in all schools, not some schools but all," she said.

Friday was Pringle's last interview and the board will make their final decision on Tuesday.

The board is also changing their contract terms. The job will now end in June instead of August to avoid the situation they're in now.

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