Richmond Co. students go back to school, what parents of displaced students can expect

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Thousands head back to school in Richmond County today.

But with six schools still under construction--many students are heading down different hallways.

"We are super excited this year!" said Veronica Bolton, principal of Murphy Middle School.

Principal Bolton has run Murphey Middle school for eight years and now, her students are part of the many who are getting displaced.

This school year, her students will be walking a completely different campus.

"We've moved from Milledgeville Road to Bungalow Road," she said. "This school is smaller than where we're coming from, but the move has not been as horrible as I thought."

But the move changes things for the about 600 students starting back here today.

"We are able to house our 7th and 8th graders in the building, and we have modules in the back for our 6th grade and our connections classes," Bolton explained.

The modules, installed by the district, are state of the art and come complete with air conditioning, carpeting, bathrooms and surveillance all in one.

They're also helping with class size.

"Class size has not been effected," said Bolton. "Class size will be the same as always. And, we run about 30 children to a class."

And although the new campus is only temporary, Bolton says that student learning remains the top priority.

"One of our motto's here is a school of love and learning," she said. "We just feel that we want to make sure that we are a family, we are establishing our village and we are just going to have the best time."

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