Richmond Co. officials say make-up days will run like normal school days

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News 12 This Morning/Wednesday March 5, 2014

RICHMOND CO., Ga. (WRDW)--After the winter storm and the ice storm, students and staff in Richmond County are making up the time on some abnormal days:

- St. Patrick's Day, Monday March 17th
- a Saturday, March 22nd and
- Good Friday, April 18th.

At A. Brian Elementary School, principal Elizabeth Schad tells me the make up days will run like normal school days.

"They'll have breakfast and lunch just like a regular day. The buses are going to run just like a regular day," Schad explained. "So, parents can expect to let in at the same time. We have the car circle we have the buses running and everything's the same. It's just normally closed and we have it opened."

That means students who miss class will be counted absent.

"It's my understanding that if they're absent, they'll be counted absent just like any other day," she said.

Although they had the option to forgive days, the school board tells 12 the decision to make these days up in this way, and not tack on make up days to the end of the school year, comes in order to help students get prepared for standardized testing.

Schad tells me it's time students at A. Brian Merry will ultimately benefit from.

"Honestly, 100 percent of the people who are going to have to make up the days don't want to work on Saturday or Good Friday or a furlough day," said Schad. "However, we have a job to do and it's vitally important that we get our kids ready and we can't waste any time and we don't have any time to waste."

Currently, officials say they're thinking about pushing the CRCT back from April 17th to April 21st, but so far the test date remains the original date.

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