Family of Richmond Co. sheriff candidate says 'Bring home the victory, son'

Richard Roundtree
Lt. Richard Roundtree, candidate for Richmond County Sheriff's Office.
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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- For the past several months, you've seen Richard Roundtree's mantra: one dream, one team. News 12 sat down with the Roundtree family, who says that dream goes way back.

Roundtree's father, Bobby Roundtree, said, "We feel good about it, especially if our son can be the first one to do it."

Little nerves for Bobby Roundtree as his son looks to make history and become the county's first African-American sheriff.

"I think he's a little nervous, you know, because this is a big election," he said.

With all of the election shuffle going on outside, inside the Roundtree home, it's tranquil, it's home.

Roundtree's mother, Rosa, said, "We as parents know how good your children are, whether they are bad kids or they are good kids and I think he was raised to be a good kid."

Bobby Roundtree said, "Ever since he got into law enforcement, something he loved, this has been a dream for a while."

Richard Roundtree told News 12, "Ever since I was growing up, my parents have always supported everything that I have done. They never discouraged me from anything."

As his fliers dot the streets, family photos fill the walls of the Roundtree's.

Bobby Roundtree said, "We'll be happy and proud of him but as parents we'll still be the same."

So, as Roundtree is in the home stretch, a few words from home: "He knows to keep God first, whatever he does," Rosa said.

Bobby said, "Good luck son, bring home the victory."

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