Republicans seeking U.S. Senate seat debate in Columbia County

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News 12 11pm / Saturday, April 19, 2014

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW) -- The road to the United States Senate made a stop Saturday in Columbia County. Seven Republican hopefuls shared with voters why they are the best pick to run in November's general election.

News 12 spoke to Congressmen Jack Kingston about what D.C. experience means in this race to a comment David Perdue made on Karen Handel's education.

"We are very excited to have a U.S. Senate debate in our new facility here at the exhibition hall in Columbia County," said county Commissioner Trey Allen.

All seven candidates spoke to the crowd about why they are the best choice in May. One candidate even took time to talk only to News 12 viewers.

"The American dream is in peril," said Congressmen Jack Kingston, who represents a district from Savannah.

He says that serving in Washington gives him an advantage others in the race don't have.

"That's what experience brings you. Somebody who knows the issues and can hit the ground running," he told News 12.

Kingston says his time in D.C. Gives voters a chance to see what he's done. Proof, he says, that his actions back up his words.

"Sometimes when you bring in an outsider you don't really know where they stand on certain things. I know a couple of the people in this race have been all over the court," the senate hopeful told News 12.

Only voters can decide if his experience is a good or bad thing, but one thing all the candidates agree on; the Capitol needs more Republican values.

ObamaCare and taxes are the biggest topics the GOP candidates hit, but we asked Kingston about another topic that made headlines.

"One candidate saying another candidate's education is not high enough. What do you want folks to know about that," asked News 12 reporter, Jorge Lopez.

"What I want them to know is that if they vote for me, they will vote for a conservative, somebody who stands for jobs. Those are the characteristics I look for when I go into a ballot," he told News 12.

If Kingston's quest for the senate ends in May, he's already got his mind made up on what his next move will be.

"If I don't win this primary I am going to support the nominee. It's really important for us to change the course of America," he said.

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