Rain clouds hover over Augusta on 4th of July holiday

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Thursday, July 4, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Rebecca Smith has a front row seat to a show always worth seeing.

"It's just like, you're right there, and it's all big, it's amazing, it's really magical," she said.

About 400 fireworks are being shot off the Fifth Street bridge Thursday night.

"We just sit in our chairs and watch the fireworks up close and personal," Smith said.

In past years, she's seen clear blue skies. This year, gray clouds are threatening to rain on her holiday.

"A lot of people, we always two big spreads of food, everybody comes, everybody's family comes, and I was expecting it to be very beautiful and so exciting outside, but of course, it's raining now," she explained.

That's been the story, on and off showers the whole day, making it hard for Smith and her family to really sit back and relax.

"It just comes and goes, and I just wish it was clear skies," she said.

Coordinators for the fireworks show say weather is always a factor.

"I've done about 75 fireworks shows, and yes, we've had to deal with weather in all of them," said Chris Scheuer with Augusta Parks and Recreation.

For his 76th show, he's facing the rain once again.

Over the last few days, the chance for rain has dwindled down to 20 percent. That's good news for this fireworks crew.

"If we do get a shower or something like that, we'll wait it out, we cover the fireworks, they're protected," he said.

It takes months of setup all for about 20 minutes, but Scheuer says it's it's all worth it.

"When the fireworks go off and everybody's yelling and stuff like that, it's pretty neat," he said.

But this year, Smith will stick to watching the colors fly to celebrate another Fourth of July.

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