Rain causes sinkhole, road closure

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News 12 at 11 o'clock / Wednesday, July 10, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- "I'm 64 now. I'm not working. I can't afford the things I used to do," said Edward C. Udell II, who lives off of Biltmore Road in Martinez.

But Udel may have to find a way to gut his entire home.

He's somehow managed to stay dry during the weeks and weeks of rain, but on Wednesday, the tide turned.

"It didn't take long for the water to come up and come through my house," he said.

He said it rushed in so quickly, he and his family had to jump ship.

They climbed out of a window, leaving 25 years worth of memories in this house at the mercy of the flood.

"We're just going to have to move," he said. "But I can't do that because I own the house!"

As his house was filling up with water, the ground surrendered to it, leaving a sinkhole next door.

Just up the road, there is more damage, but not from water.

"After a really loud crack of lightning, I went to check on my neighbor's dog," said Shelby Page, who lives next door to the home hit by lightning.

The dog was fine, but the house was not. The bolt left a gaping hole.

"A couple people could fit through it," Page said.0

But nobody could make it through parts of Wrightsboro Road.

"Most of the places I go shopping and everything are right here on side," said Nathaniel Perry, who drives this section of Wrightsboro Road often.

Crews had to shut this section down because it was under water.

It all went downhill here on Wrightsboro Road when the heavy rains came down, causing this creek to overflow and burst through a man-made barrier.

The water then caused a fast-paced stream to just flow across the entire road.

"Closed roads and reroutes are becoming a norm," Perry said.

As for Udell, he's left high and not so dry.

"I hope someone's got deep pockets to come by and give me a loan!" he said.

Udell says he hast flood insurance and homeowner's insurance, but both are telling him they don't believe damage is covered.

He tells me they say rainwater doesn't count, and to get the payout, this would have to be officially labeled a flood.

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