Raes Creek causing erosion problems for property owners

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News 12 at 6 o' clock/ May 15, 2014


AUGUSTA, Ga.--Property owners are slowly watching their yards disappear into Raes Creek. When it rains, it fills the creek to the brim. Every time the water level goes back down, a piece of Tim Dungan's yard along Ingleside Drive disappears.

Dungan says, "We're getting nowhere with this problem, and it gets worse and worse every time it rains."

They've called the city time and again over the past few years, but no one has taken it seriously. In the meantime, problems from erosion and the overgrown creek are adding up for Tim and his neighbors.

Sinkholes are popping up along the creek and in the yard where water has washed underneath the few boulders that remain. Tim says they've lost at least three feet of property to erosion.

And, the vanishing yard isn't the only problem. The weeds in the creek grow quickly and take up space where water should flow.

Dungan says, "It's taller than you or I stand over the top of the bank. The way it's laid down now, that's because of the rain that's come through and washed it overnight."

Those weeds bring unwelcomed guests right up to the back door. Last week, they found a water moccasin on the porch.

"It was about a 4 foot moccasin and it was coming towards me and my mother," Dungan says.

He has plenty of ideas for how to fix the problem, if he could get someone to listen.

He explains, "My solution to it would be to come in and refill and put the boulders back. If not, concrete the sides and have it cleaned out so the water can flow."

We've reached out to the Augusta engineering department. They assure us they'll look at the problem, and help Tim and his neighbors find a solution.