RCSO is yet to arrest any ticket scalpers this year

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News12 First at Five/ 4/09/14

Augusta,Ga (WRDW)---Practice round tickets can go for hundreds and that amount doubles for tournament badges.
The RCSO has a warning to anyone trying to buy from anyone other than the Augusta National.

"No no it's private. We own the tickets and we don't sell them no," said Patron John Mcleish.

Mcleish and Nichalus Scullion are from Scotland and own a local company that sells Hospitality packages. they're excited to get inside Augusta National.

Some ticket scalpers didn't exactly show us the southern charm in front of the cameras. We still found patrons from California chancing it and buying tickets from those on the streets.

"The only way to get tickets is through the Augusta National and their lottery system. Anything else you are taking a big chance," said RCSO Sgt. Danny Whitehead.

Whitehead says undercover deputies make sure scalpers are 2700 feet from the gate and not selling bad fake tickets. In 2012 more than 40 people were arrested for selling tickets.

"Anybody scalping tickets whether they are buying or selling. If they're breaking the law we are going to address it.," said Whitehead.

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