RCSO gives tips on how to survive a workplace shooting

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News12 First at Five/ Oct. 24, 2013

Richmond County Sheriff's Office

Augusta,Ga (WRDW)------After a man threatened to open fire in an Augusta business, News12 has learned the company is making security changes. Next month Medac will hold a series of emergency drills.

More than 400 employees at the medical billing company were on lock down after a man said he was going to shoot his wife and her co-workers. Investigators say something like this can happen anywhere at anytime.

Medac Employees rushed to their cars after the threat of a possible workplace shooting was over. CEO Bellinger Moody put all 3 of the company's locations on lock-down.

"With the recent mass shootings, we don't take any chances," said Moody.

Aaron Alexis is one reason why. He went through hallways at a DC Navy Yard shooting and killing 12 people, before he was gunned down.

This was the 23rd mass shooting in seven years. Business Owner Michael Tomaszewski ((is glad things turned out better on Scott Nixon Memorial Drive.

"We probably need more work place training of what things to start looking for." said Business Owner Michael Tomaszewski.

"We're constantly looking for suspicious vehicles and people," said RCSO Sgt. Mike McDaniel.

The Richmond County Sheriff's office is recommending co-workers pay close attention to other employees. If you notice anyone acting more negatively or making threats tell management and they should call deputies.

Officers warn if you see someone with a weapon, lock the doors before they can get inside and call 911.
"Do not hesitate to call the Sherff's office, Do not think twice about calling us," said Sgt. McDaniel.

If the gunman gets inside, run to the closest exit, take cover, and call 911. Do not approach the person or try to talk them down. Also if you have your own weapon, the Sheriff's Office does not condone or condemn the right to defend yourself.

They hope like in this week's scare at Medac, you'll never have to.

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