Project Jackson hasn't struck out yet, but it did see another curve ball

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News 12 at 11 / Thursday, June 26, 2014

North Augusta, SC. (WRDW) -- Project Jackson hasn't struck out yet, but it did see another curve ball. Steve Donahue, the man who is suing the city over their plan to pay for the stadium is now facing a lawsuit himself. The lawsuit says Donahue's fight against North Augusta is stopping developers from buying 25 acres to get the ball rolling. The mayor says the project is still on and the city has nothing to do with the latest case.

A game that many start playing as kids is taking grown up's in North Augusta to court.

"The further we go along the more muddy and muddy the waters get, and you just don't know where the project stands. You never know if it's going to happen or not going to happen," said Pete Adams.

Adams is a baseball coach, a dad, and a homeowner who lives very close to where project will be.

"We live in a riverfront community. So, it's right there in our front yard." he told News 12.

He supports bringing the Greenjackets to North Augusta, but worries adding another lawsuit to the mix is just clogging up the court system.

"Either they are going to do it or not going to do it, but just slowing it down is really not helping anybody . It's certainly not helping the court system," he said.

Last December Steve Donahue, who lives in the River Club, sued the city of North Augusta for not using the public-private investment correctly when it comes to Project Jackson. Now, the North Augusta Riverfront Company says Donahue's suit is delaying their sale of the land.

"We don't have anything to do with it. We are not behind it. I haven't seen it. I've heard rumors about it." North Augusta Mayor Lark Jones told News 12.

Mayor Jones says the project is still on, but that Donahue's suit is also causing the city problems.

"We would be full speed ahead if the lawsuit was not part of the scenario," he said.

The mayor says the longer the suit goes the bigger the delays for the park's opening day in 2015. Which is something this coach doesn't want to wait longer to see

"If they can just come together and maybe have a conversation that allows them to squash it and just to get on with it," said Adams.

News 12 spent part of Thursday afternoon in River Club with Donahue's neighbors. They told tell us they do not support Project Jackson, but not a single one would go on camera. We also tried to contact Mr. Donahue, but we still haven't heard from him.

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