Problems continue for Augusta apartment complex

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) --Problems started for the Avery Pointe apartment complex in June. New 12 first investigated when the water wasn't working for two day. The utilities department said the owners hadn't paid the bill.


Just a few days after that, the outdoor street lights were all turnend off. You couldn't see your hand in front of your face. Tenants like Racardo Jones say, that's still th case.

Jones says, "Before the lights got cut off, it used to be lit up like a Christmas tree around here."

But, that was nearly three months ago, now, before the lights switched off and crime started to creep in.

He says, "I just wish the lights were on. If the lights were on, he probably would've seen him with the gun."

He's talking about his brother, 'Knick Knack' to those who knew him best. A makeshift memorial still sits in the parking lot, accompanied by graffiti in memory of Rashad's brother. A month and a half after he was shot and killed in the dark parking lot, the apartment complex is still in the dark.

Jones say, "My auntees, they be real scared at night, cause the lights be off, you can't really see nobody."

But the lights aren't the only problems. Trash overflows from the dumpsters, and overgrown weeds have brought unwanted guests.

"They be having a lot of snakes over there and what not. They killed probably 3 or 4 snakes this summer," Jones says.

Some units don't even have working air conditiong. Jones says, "My house, it's got AC but some people ain't got no AC in their house. I don't think we should have to pay full rent. I think we should have to pay half."

Richmond County Mosquito Control told property managers Monday to drain and fill in the the old swimming pool on the property, that now serves as a mosquito breeding ground. The property managers say they're doing the best they can to get all of the issues under control, but the real power lies beyond their reach, with the owners.

We have tried several times to get in touch with Augusta C.T. Properties, since property records reveal they are still the owners. We still have not heard a response. Code enforcement tells us the property is being sold, and they are told new owners are closing on the property at the end of this week.