Principal calls for change after student brings gun to school

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AUGUSTA, Ga.--A local principal is speaking his mind, after a student brought a gun onto the Glenn Hills Middle School campus two days in a row last week. That student, 15 year old Shenard Walton, is behind bars now, but Principal Glenn Andrews doesn't want all this to be swept under the rug. He wants this to create change.

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"I'm still struggling trying to wrap my mind around what could have happened with so many other school shootings occurring in our nation," Andrews said.

The incident at Glenn Hills could have been much worse, and even though a student is behind bars now, the backlash lingers.

"It's not squashed by no means. It's just not squashed. It's retribution, it's you punk me, I'm going to get you, neighborhoods are feuding, turf. It's just crazy," he said.

The goal now is to make sure students stay safe.

"On Tuesday, I called an emergency meeting with all my parents, and I'm going to tell you, they showed up," he said.

During that meeting, Principal Andrews spoke candidly about the need for parent and community involvement in student's lives, and the need for change.

"What has come out of this is a voice and a message that we can no longer do business as usual," he said.

Glenn Hills is now starting a parent council that will help open the lines of communication with the Board of Education. The school just got another full time resource officer, so two will be on campus at all times. There will be extra patrols during bus drop off and pick up, random searches and metal detector checks, and a new paid staff position for a parent facilitator that will work hand in hand with the new parent council.

But, even with all of these changes, Principal Andrews says he needs parents on board. He says a lot of what happens is fueled by social media.

"When the neighborhoods have beefs, they bring it to school. Facebook drives a lot of it, and it gets really crazy," he said.

He's asking parents to get involved and find out what their children are up to on social media and texting.