Prince and Evans face off in run for House District 127 seat

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News12 at 6 o'clock/ Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Since neither candidate running for House District 127 tallied 51 percent of last night's vote, a run off is now scheduled for Dec. 3.

Brian Prince got 45 percent of the vote. Diane Evans came in second with 30 percent. Diane Murphy was a close third with 26 percent.

Brian Prince came out on top in Augusta. However, Diane Evans took the lead in Jefferson County. Neither reached the magic number of 50 plus one.

"My mama always tells me one way to eat an elephant is one bite at at time," Brian Prince said.

"We've got to go into the bushes and compel them to come out," said Diane Evans.

Governor Nathan Deal announced a special election to fill the seat left vacant after Rep. Quincy Murphy passed away. Brian Prince, Diane Evans and Murphy's widow, Diane Murphy quickly announced their candidacy and began campaigning.

"I'd first like to thank my supporters. Thank you to all of my supporters. We've done a lot but we still have a lot more to do," Evans said.

"It's more of a grassroots effort. I've had folks from all ages to help," Prince said.

Prince not only came out on top in last night's vote, he also out raised his opponents, bringing in around $34,000. Diane Evans raised about $7,000.

"It's true, but I'm not discourage by that . If you don't spend it right, it doesn't have an effect," Evans said.

Both candidates say they're going after Diane Murphy's supporters and any new one's they can find. For this race, it'll take more than winning one county to make it to Atlanta.

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