Day 5 of no power for thousands

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Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014

(WRDW)- "I don't see any hope in the next day or two," said Mike Cope.

Mike Cope has been without power for 5 days now.
He has Planters Electric and says he hasn't seen anyone out working and the frustration is starting to build.

"There hasn't been any trucks on this road hardly and i think they forgot about us," said Cope.

"Nobody seems to care. No one has come and told us what the plan is," said Cope.

No lights, no water, and no heat. All cope can do is sit and just wait for the lights to come on.

"We're at their mercy we have to do what we have to do," said Cope.

Planters Electric says they've been out working, and have had EMC's from around the state and Alabama come in to help out. They say the many miles of rural area is why it's taking a little longer.

Many of you on Facebook have also been posting about Jefferson Electric.

"77 or so years it took to build this whole system and in 18 years a huge percentage of it was destroyed," said Steve Chaulker, with Jefferson Electric.

Chaulker says they immediately called for help.
Storm services company has come and set up a base camp for workers as they come in to help. They've 350 additional works coming in today alone.

"A lot of times in a rural area the line could be miles away from a certain house or a few houses," said Chaulker.

At one point 28,000 out of the 33,000 members of Jefferson Electric were without power. They know people are getting impatient, but Chaulker says just because you don't see a truck doesn't mean they aren't working.

"I wish we could get it on three days ago, but we're working on it. I guarantee that. We're working on it," said Chaulker.

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