Power crews gearing up and stepping up for power outages

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News12 / Tuesday Feb. 11, 2014

Augusta, GA (WRDW)---- Crews are getting ready outside--to make sure you have power inside.

"This is a significant winter event," said Tim McGill with Georgia Power.

McGill says they're ready to work where needed and the company has brought in crews from all over.

"We're going to have over 100 employees. We're going to have contractors, line crews, and different support folks," he told News12.

"I feel good. Like I've done a good job," said Francis Lampkin

Lampkin is no rookie and has worked 16 different outages caused by ice. That's why he says the new guys on the team better get ready.

"Get up early in the morning and we probably get back in 10 or 11 o'clock at night and get ready for another day," he told News12.

The stand-by crews are lined up at the old Regency Mall. Hundreds of trucks and dozens of workers are ready to move. Salt trucks from the Georgia DOT are treating the roads around the mall to make sure trucks can get out safely, but for now your safety is what matters most to Georgia Power.

"Stay away from power lines. If there is a down power line, even if you don't know if it is a power line or telephone line or cable line, we ask that you not touch it," said McGill.

And while Francis knows what it's like to work 15 hour days to get your lights on-- he says is all worth it.

"When I see happy families smiling and things being back to how they used to be," he said.

They also have two diesel tanks over at the old mall ready to fill all those trucks up. Each of them with 138 gallons and staying over night to make sure they all have fuel.

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