Post 192 Legion Riders ride for a good cause

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News 12 This Morning


August 16, 2013

(WRDW)--Legion riders from post 192 in Evans will crank up their motorcycles this morning and meet over 400 others to begin their 1,500 mile trek from Indianapolis to houston

"This culmination of a years worth of fundraising," says Legion rider Bill Harrigan, "At the convention they will hand over donations that post 192 has collected through the year."

It’s called the Legacy Run—and legion posts from all over the country ride together in the hope of raising money for college scholarships for kids of fallen veterans.

"They’ve already given out scholarships," Says Cindy Guthrie, "people have graduated from college already on the scholarship."

But for one of the riders from post 192—this trip has special meaning.

"It still gets emotional for me when you go over an overpass and you see people draping the flags down," says Guthrie.

She lost her brother in Afghanistan in early 2009 leaving four children behind—and every summer since—she’s made this trip

"In a way I’m helping them go to college too."

Since the scholarship was created—Legion posts have combined to raise over 3.3 million dollars for scholarships. The Legacy Run last year raised over 700,000 alone

"There’s no words for it—the show of support in our country is great," says Guthrie.

And sure—this small group of riders from Evans love the open road—but for them, their sense of duty goes further.

"Once you put a uniform on you become part of a family," says Harrigan, "It’s part of our job to help take care of family."

Even for those riders who know the heartbreak more than anyone.

"It’s for all the children who don’t have the parents to help them through these situations," says Guthrie.