Possible changes in DFCS

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Sunday, June 15th, 2014

(WRDW)- Governor Nathan Deal is shaking up DFCS after some high profile deaths. Recently, governor deal announced Bobby Cagle as the new DFCS director. Gov. Deal is up for re-election and this is the 4th DFCS leader in 4 years. Deal said he wants to change the culture of DFCS which could put more kids into the system.

"I dont know if I would be alive today because my mother was such a bad alcoholic," said Rachel Reese.

That's how Rachel Reese remebers her childhood. She was taken away from her parents at the age of 7 and grew up in foster care

"She really should not have had any children. People don't realize the influence that alcohol has. You can not take care of a child. You dont feed them, my clothes were two sizes too big, she had no clue," said Reese. She said when she was a child she was angry that DFCS took her away from her family, but looking back now she's grateful for her foster mother.

"Without her I wouldn't be as better as I am," said Reese.

That's what Governor Nathan Deal is trying to do. He wants to change the culture of DFCS which could bring more kids into the foster care system.

Deal said "It is clear there is a need for a more deliberate reform process of the child welfare system, and we are taking into action on several fronts. we must work to ensure that our children are safe and that they get their best shot at a good life,"

"When it comes to abuse or alcholism they can not take care of their kids.
They should take them out of the home but give them parenting classes," said Reese.

In Georgia, more than 7,000 children are in foster care at any given time. Reese said in her situation things worked out for the best, besides the fact of missing time spent with her mom.

"That's thirty years I'll never get back with her," said Reese.

Reese said she wants to give back to what was given to her, and become a foster parent herself.
Deal's new changes will start tomorrow. Gov. Deal also said that he will support legislation next year that will make it a criminal offense for a parent who knows they will be investigated by DFCS to move.