Popular spot to dig worms threatens road

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News 12 at 6 o' clock/ January 24, 2014


WAYNESBORO, Ga.--Worms are causing a big headache in Waynesboro. Fishermen in Burke County have come to a little ditch on Fulcher Street for years to find a healthy supply of night crawlers for bait.

Unfortunately, the tradition has started to eat away the dirt underneath the road and is causing it to crumble away.

James Braswell was born on Fulcher Street back in 1940. "You're standing where the house was at. I was born right here beside this ditch," he said.

But back then, Fulcher Street, and pretty much every road around it, was made of dirt. Even though the road is paved now, and a lot has changed, one thing certainly has not: the worms.

Clarence Davis lives near Fulcher Street, and he says, "Everyday there's people over here digging worms. 2 or 3 times a day."

It doesn't take very long to dig to find dozens of night crawlers along the wet bank--descendants of a very long line of 'Waynesboro worms.'

"They've been here longer than I have," Braswell said.

Braswell remembers digging for worms in this very spot 60 years ago, but over the years, the constant digging has caused the pavement to crumble. The road has been paved before, but the digging never stopped. City workers have piled large stones to keep what dirt is left in place. City council has asked people in search of bait to dig on the side of the bank away from the road, but Braswell doesn't think that is going to happen.

"They're going to dig where the worms is at, and half of them is on the other side over there," he said.

Council members are weighing the options. They are tossing around the idea of a concrete ditch bank. Of course, if they do that, people will be forced to dig for those famous Waynesboro worms somewhere else.