Police chief reminds parents to not leave kids in backseats

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News 12 at 11 O'clock / July 1, 2014

Harlem, G.a. (WRDW) -- When you think about beating the heat, the pool is the place to be.

"Twice a week as a family to swim at the pool," said mother, Emily Adams.

It's a place for kids, but Adams knows one place that isn't...the backseat of a car.

"Don't understand it, I mean it's hot, why, why would you leave your kid in the car," she said.

Temperatures hit the mid 90's today but in Adams car,those temperatures nearly doubled.

"Can't even imagine what that would do to a child to be sweating," she said.

But it's already happened in Augusta, just this month. Alicia Mani-Gault charged with leaving her 2-week-old baby in a hot car, reportedly while she took a college exam.

"That incident is what made me start thinking about it," said Police Chief, Gary Jones with the Harlem Police Department.

After thinking, he came up with this idea.

"Just hang it on your mirror with writing faced towards you," he said.

But as busy as Adams gets, she still says, how could you forget your own child?

"Automatically remember, not even think, look in the back seat, she's there, no, I would automatically remember," said Adams.

Many News 12 viewer said the same thing. One says, "If they need one of these, they have no business raising a child."

Chief Jones says, "I've had some of those responses, and lets face it, accidents do happen."

Not the kind of accident Adams says she'll ever experience though.

"I'm always thinking about my children," she said.

Even if they're not in a car.

If you want to get these signs for your car, Chief Gary Jones says you can head over to the Harlem Police Department to pick yours up for free.