Town responds to woman killed by poisonous insecticide

Thursday, June 12, 2014

WADLEY, Ga. (WRDW) -- Three grandchildren were sent to the hospital at Georgia Regents Medical Center after coming in contact with a poisonous insecticide.

The children were brought to Jefferson Hospital along with Rosa Gilmore-Green, who later died at the hospital. Her 12-year-old grandson is the only grandchild who is still in the hospital.

Four people are believed to have come in contact with Aluminum Phosphide known as Fumitoxin. It's a common pesticide used for rodent control and it's highly toxic to humans.

Gilmore-Green was known as Ms. Rose to many in her neighborhood. Folks say she was a kind woman, who's door was always open.

When Gennie Harris got to work this morning, the last thing she expected to see was five orange cones blocking off her friend's driveway.

"I thought, oh no Miss Rose, I just saw her yesterday in the yard," Harris said. "I can sit right here and look out the door and there's Miss Rose out there planting flowers or playing with her grandkids."

Harris has worked across the street from Miss Rose's house for eight years now, almost never going a day without seeing her friend in her front yard.

Miss Rose was known for always having an open door for all of the neighborhood kids.

"It's going to be a great loss, because a lot of them, they always went to Miss Rose's house," Harris said.

But investigators say a family member sprayed that house with the pesticide, leaving Miss Rose feeling weak and unable to move. After she was treated in the emergency room, Jefferson Hospital was shut down until about four in the morning for potential chemical contamination. The concern was that about ten employees came into contact with the same pesticide.

Hospital administrator Steve Widener had never experienced this level of quarantine before.

"It's kind of one of those things you never think you're going to need, but you have to be prepared," he said.

Now, family and friends mourn the loss of a woman who was known for her kind heart.

" Like the word of God says, you don't know the hour and you don't know the time and you don't know when -- and it happens," Harris said.

Miss Rose's sister told News 12 that her sister meant the world to her, and her whole family is struggling with this loss. The condition of the three children taken in with Miss Rose today is still unknown. Neighbors believe they are her grandchildren. As of now, no charges have been filed with this investigation.

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