Phase one of the Hyde Park relocation is almost complete

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News12 at 6 o'clock 5-28-14

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- It's been talked about for more than 30 years and some people living in Hyde Park are glad it's finally here.
We're told phase one of the project is almost complete and less than 85 families are waiting to be relocated.

"Oh I got it, finally at last," said Joanne Jones.

It took Joanne Jones and her family more than 30 years to be moved out of Hyde Park. She says everytime it would rain outside the inside of her home would get wet also.

Jones says she also had problems breathing because of the mold.

"This is the dining room area. This right here is the family room," said Jones.

Jones first showed News 12 her dream home in June last year. She lost that home because of family problems with the title to their old home in Hyde Park. All of that has been taken care of.

"This was the dream house that my brother and I wanted. It was still on the market when we finally got all the paperwork in order," said

The county paid more than $70,000 for her new house. City officials report the bill to move more than 30 families ended up at $1 million.

"Finally the commissioners and the mayor saw that it was time that the people be relocated. Even though I'm out, I won't stop until every person is out of Hyde Park," said Joeanne Jones.

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