Pedestrians still feeling uneasy after caution signs added to downtown crosswalk

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Thursday, May 23, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Christina Lokey dodges bullets every day as she fights her way across Reynolds Street in downtown Augusta.

"All of us at work, we cross here at 5 p.m, you know, we might get halfway in the road before we have to stop to let cars go by and then finish crossing the road because they don't stop," she said.

Last week, Lokey was walking to her car when she almost got hit.

She says the driver was driving too fast and not paying attention.

"He had to slam on his brakes, but he was about that far from hitting me," she said.

After that, Lokey was fed up and wanted something to be done.

"I immediately went to work and sent an email to the City of Augusta," Lokey said.

Days later, they responded with new signs warning drivers to pay attention.

"They need to be brighter, bigger and absolutely in front of the crosswalk before the cars even get there," Lokey said.

On Thursday, News 12 caught many drivers failing to stop for Lokey and even our cameras.

Lokey's co-workers stood and watched as cars zoomed by not paying any attention to the law.

"This is a business district, people walk every day, they cross every day," she said.

Those people have jobs and families, things they don't want to lose.

"You definitely don't want to lose your life and your family suffer because someone wasn't paying attention while they were driving," Lokey said.

Something she hopes will change very quickly before it's too late.

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