Parents concerned about violence and threats on social media

News 12 @ 6 o'clock / Monday, July 7, 2014

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WRDW) -- Tyliska Dixon has four kids and they are her whole world.

She wants to protect them from violence, but she feels like they're in danger in their own home.

"On the internet everyone's posting violence, like guns, weed, cigarettes. I mean anything!" Dixon said.

It's a big problem for her family. Her cousin Curtis Carter was shot and killed on Second Avenue about a month ago. She said his Facebook page was filled with posts about gangs and violence. On Saturday night, her cousin came home and told her that one of her friends was shot in the drive-by shooting on Agerton Road.

After seeing numerous threats of violence online, she's worried it could leave the screen and hit the street, and she wants action.

"Officers need to come arrest them immediately, cause they're posting stuff on the media," she said.

Lt. Lewis Blanchard with Richmond County says, when they see things like that they take it seriously and always follow up about it.

That's exactly what happened after deputies saw a threat about a shooting at the Riverwalk on Friday.

"The Intel division along with the gang task force followed up on that as we always do," he said. And they were able to get a handle on that situation before it evolved to anything beyond a threat.

For now though, she says her kids won't be on social media any time soon.

"My baby says can I sign up for one? And I say no Facebook baby. No Facebook, no Instagram, no Twitter," she said.

Deputies say if you ever come across something online you think might be dangerous or needs investigating, give them a call at 706-821-1080 and they will have a deputy respond and look at the information.

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