Par 3 Party heats up downtown Augusta

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It's the Par Three party of the Masters week.

"I just dance like noboby's watching," says Marge Hennessee, an Augusta local.

She's been in the city for a while, experiencing all kinds of par three parties, since the 80's.

"People came in we didn't know and made room for us to sit," she told News 12. "When you have the party then, you've been to and walked on the course all day, and your relaxing and seeing friends and meeting new people."

This will be 15th Masters, and this year she's dancing in her green jacket she won at last years tournament.

"Oh sure I did, you didn't see me on TV," said Hennessee.

Well maybe not quite official.

For years the party has been held at the Augusta Common, but that's not where it all began.

The old "Official" Par Three party was in National Hills, but that was over 35 years ago.

The Executive Director of Augusta Arts Council brought it back to Augusta to the new location.

"It was always so much fun, everyone loved having something to do to feel part of the tournament," said Durant.

And she takes pride that the event is really for all ages.

"If you're under 21, you cant go into bars, but we've had kids dance here, we've had grandparents come but it just opens it up for the whole community and for visitors to get a chance to see how we party in Augusta," she said.

And as Marge shags the night away, she always remembers the reason for the party.

"It's about celebrating golf and the people that enjoy it," she said.