Paine's former CFO sues the college accusing wrongful eviction and trespass, more

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Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014

Edward Patrick
Ed Patrick (Paine College)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Paine College's former Chief Financial Officer has filed a lawsuit against the college, court documents show.

In the latest suit, former CFO Edward Patrick said he should have never been let go. He was terminated from his position around two years before his contract was up. The reasons listed in the lawsuit include failure to follow "high moral and ethical standards commonly expected of the chief financial officers of the institution" and not pursuing the objectives of his office.

Paine sent Patrick a letter on March 18 giving him the opportunity to resign and receive a severance package, according to the suit. Patrick requested $36,000 in one lump sum before March 21.

Paine rejected the counteroffer, including the severance package, and told Patrick he needed to move out by March 24, according to the suit. Unemployment benefits were denied because he was fired, the lawsuit claims.

Patrick is accusing Paine of breach of contract, wrongful eviction and trespass and he also wants money for damages and attorney fees.

Patrick said Paine's President, Dr. George Bradley, has a history of "abusive" employment practices towards his employees. Patrick was the fourth CFO dismissed in the past few years by Bradley.

"Unless his abusive and tyrannical behavior is punished, penalized and deterred, it will likely continue into the future," the lawsuit states.

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