Paine hires new provost after resignation of former VP

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dr. Samuel Sullivan (From Paine College)
Dr. Samuel Sullivan (From Paine College)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Just one day after the resignation of the Provost at Paine College, his replacement has been named.

"The college is pleased to announce a new addition, Dr. Sam Sullivan, is our new interim vice president and provost of Academic Affairs," said Brandon Brown, VP of Institutional Advancement.

He held a similar position at ASU before retiring in 2011.

But the move leaves many questioning why Dr. Marcus Tillery stepped down so suddenly.

Questions that Paine College hasn't answered.

"The policies of the institution, not to comment on personnel matters in fairness to Dr. Tillery, I don't want to get into those specifics," Brown said.

Brown said there had been a string of financial and faculty issues that had plagued Tillery's tenure.

You may remember News 12's story last year about students' refund checks bouncing.

Paine was looking for a new financial officer at the time, one of the Tillery's responsibilities.

Just a month later, Paine lost access to the Federal Perkins Loan until 2014.

That loan helps students pay for college, and since 90 percent of Paine's students rely on federal aid, it was a blow to enrollment numbers.

Enrollment that falls under the VP and provost.

News 12 has tried to ask Dr. Brown to get more specific about the reason for Dr. Tillery's resignation. So far, there has been no response.

News 12 was also told that last week's rape inside a campus dorm had nothing to do with the move and that campus officials do say they're increasing security in light of that attack.

School officials are now talking with city commissioners about closing two roads near the campus -- Emmett Avenue and Oak Street.

"We could then provide avenues to put checkpoints in for security, we could examine the cars that enter onto the facility and then we could stop people from walking across the campus by fencing those areas in," Brown said.

Other safety measures include having students swipe their ID cards to be able to get into campus dorms.

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