Paine College announces new security measures

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Paine College (WRDW-TV)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Paine College says the school will be safer thanks to a security overhaul.

A little more than a month after two shootings on campus in a 24-hour span, the college says it's making big changes.

"There was a child shot in the head there," said Willie Trice.

Go back a month, 21-year-old JaJuan Baker was shot at an administrative building at Paine College.

Trice lives on Laurel Street where several drive by shootings happened just hours before Baker was shot. He said he saw people who weren't students walk on to campus.

"There was no security measures if you ask me because there was anyone randomly from the streets that could go on and off campus at the college," Trice said.

Paine College says it hopes these new security measures will fix that.

Faculty and students have always had ID badges, but starting July 1 they'll have to wear them where they can be seen at all times. If you're not a student, you must show ID, sign in, and wear a visitors badge.

"We don't see that badge that's an automatic red flag, and if we're not familiar with you we'll ask you to identify yourself, and if you don't have any purpose here you'll be asked to leave," said Paine College President George Bradley.

Paine College will have 24-hour security presence at all vehicle access points. At the main entrance on Druid park and Laney Walker, 15th Street and Central Avenue. All the other access points are barricaded off.

"It might be a little cumbersome, but when you come in you're going to have to identify yourself," Bradley said.

Paine used to have eight certified armed officers. Now, they're adding four more. Paine says more man power means more security around the dorms. There used to be one officer patrolling campus. Now, they'll have security 24/7.

"I won't be glad until I see it put in place effectively, and work, and protect those kids and keep other off that campus that shouldn't be there," said Trice.

Paine College says they'll see how these new measures work and then make adjustments. These aren't the only changes the school is making. Paine College also says it will be cutting costs, but not services and hopefully will save $2.4 million.

Paine will also be a smoke free campus and all changes will start July 1.

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