Overgrown lots are getting more attention but some say not enough

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All the rain this Summer means lots of growth, but not all of it is good growth. One Augusta Commissioner wants to force property owners to cut the grass or pay the city to do it for them.


"Normally the city comes out and the prisoners follow behind them. The last two months, it's been looking pretty good," said Property Owner Clyde Rouzan.

Rouzan owns a home and business in Marion homes. He's glad because Augusta Commissioner Bill Fennoy is not cutting corners.

"This is not about beautification, these yards need to be cut," said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

Commissioner Fennoy says before the city puts more flowers and shrubbery on the River walk. It would be a good idea to make sure people can use the side walk.

"One of the commissioners says the wagon that squeaks the loudest is the one that gets the oil," said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

Commissioner Fennoy showed us areas of improvement and others that need it. "My campaign was about dilapidated houses and overgrown lots. I made a promise to people in my district that, I would take care of that. I'm trying to stick to my campaign promises," said Fennoy.

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