Organization wants answers after a dozen wheelchairs were stolen

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News 12 at 11 o'clock / Saturday, August 3, 2013

Augusta, Ga (WRDW) -"Without a wheelchair, it's over," says Pam Wooten, with Champions Made From Adversity.

But their season hasn't even begun, which makes what happened this morning all the more devastating for her.

"I went to pick up a wheelchair out of the trailer," she said.

It was sitting in the parking lot at Garrett Elementary. When she got there it was gone.

"My first reaction was somebody else from the organization has taken it," Wooten told News 12's Patrick Price.

A few phone calls later, her heart started to sink. All 12 wheelchairs in that trailer had been stolen as well.

"It was heart-breaking just to think about what it means to our team to start the season and not have wheelchairs," she explained. "For some of them, it's a huge part of their life."

And their season was just a week from starting. Pam's son Cole is now left wondering if he'll get the chance to play.

"His basketball wheelchair was in the trailer so he's very disappointed," she said.

The chairs together, total more 50,000 dollars. Money, she and the organization doesn't have.

"We won't have a team and we won't have a season, our main objective is to recover this trailer and find these 12 wheelchairs," Wooten said.

It's not just chairs she's trying to get back though. It's the excitement for a sport. And hope. for a season that's yet to begin.