ONLY ON 12: Inside source recounts murder at prison

Monday, June 30, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- A source on the inside Augusta State Medical Prison is telling us more about the death of an inmate over the weekend.

Deputies say Shannon Grier, 29, was stabbed multiple times with a homemade knife after getting into a fight with another inmate. Grier was serving a 25-year sentence for aggravated child molestation and aggravated sodomy from Fulton County.

Monday night we spoke to someone on the inside with some inside information. He's talking only to News 12's Christie Ethridge because he's worried this could happen again.

"I'm in Augusta, Ga in Augusta State Medical Prison," he said.

That's a voice from a source on the inside after a weekend homicide. He's too scared to tell you his name, but there are some things he wants you to know before someone else gets hurt.

He believes the prison is trying to cover up what really happened Sunday just before breakfast.

"They hit the button for chow call which is about 6 o'clock in the morning, and the dude came in and he walked in, and the door was popped, and he went into the room where Shannon Grier was there sleeping," he said.

Deputies say another inmate stabbed Grier multiple times with a homemade knife after they got into a fight.

When News 12 asked how easy is it to bring in a weapon or a knife or create a homemade weapon at the prison, he responded, "Oh it's easy. You have to have a knife to be able to survive in here."

Most of the time, it's not the kind of knife you buy at the store, and he says it's not difficult to be resourceful when making your own.

"Any kind of metal you can get. You can get people to break metal off the fence. They just replaced all the lockers and put in heavy duty lockers that you can't break because people were breaking that down and making homemade knives," he told News 12.

But, how he says the other inmate got to Grier is even more concerning. He says when guys come back to their cell and call for officers to open the door, some officers don't follow protocol and check IDs to make sure it's the right guy going into the right cell.

"You come back from chow and you call out 'Hey, 116 or 223 and they pop the button to let you in, but if they don't know you live in that room and you just holler it out, then they'll pop that door. That's how people get stabbed while they're sleeping," he said.

He says the new warden is improving security, and after getting a call from someone on the inside, he was the first person we called. We are still waiting to hear back.

Meanwhile, our source on the inside waits in fear for something to be done.

"It has gotten so bad and out of control that pretty much the staff is just scared for themselves," he said.

Still no official word about the suspect in Sunday's stabbing. So far, all deputies will confirm is that he's an inmate. GBI agents say they are meeting with District Attorney Ashley Wright's office to talk about it all. We'll let you know when they make any decisions.

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