Online tools helps parents keep track of academic growth

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Sunday, July 27th, 2014

COLUMBIA CO. (WRDW)- School is almost back in session and the kids aren't the only one's bringing home report cards.
The state of Georgia is making it easier to track their progress.

It's called the Georgia Student Growth Model. It allows parents, educators, and students to see how a school's academic achievement has grown from year to year.

Meagan Jarrett and her two kids are enjoying their last bit of summer before they swing into another school year.

"I think it's very beneficial for parents to see where the schools rank," said Jarrett.

Jarrett wants to keep an eye on how her child's school's test scores, and now she can with the Georgia Student Growth Model.
Her son is going into the 1st grade, but she says the sooner you start keeping track the better.

"The earlier you start them out with a good education the better off they're going to be," said Jarrett.

Anyone can go online and see how your child's school measures up.
You can choose the year, the test, subject, grade level, and district
You click on the county you can see the percentage of students that passed that particular test. Then you can compare it to other counties in Georgia.
In Richmond County 90% of students passed the reading section of the CRCT, and in Columbia 98% of students passed.

"Mainly, so if you were to move or consider moving, it's definitely something you want to look at as a parent," said Jarrett.

Click on the county again, and you can compare each school's growth.
Jarrett's son goes to Westmont, which had 98% of students meet or exceed their scores.

"So if you're going to have to move your child from one school to another you're not taking them to a school that may be less academically sound than another," said Jarrett.

Not only will parents see the school's growth, but they will find out if their child has improved as well. Parents will get a student growth report which compares the child's test scores from year to year, and see how far they've come and figure out plan of action.

"For educators, it's going to cause the parents to kind of question them more," said Jarrett.

Here's a link for more information on the Student Growth Model