Online courses offers second chances for students

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Septemeber 5, 2013

RICHMOND CO., Ga. (WRDW)--"It makes me feel good, it makes me feel like I'm gonna make it, I have another chance," said DeAna Gilmore.

Another chance at graduation for 19-year-old Gilmore, thanks to online courses through the program Edgenuity.

It's what all students and teachers at the Richmond County Performance Learning Center are using.

If you did not graduate or graduation test, you didn't get your diploma, this is basically another option for you," Gilmore explained.

Her classmate, 19-year-old DeEric Bryant says he's also benefitting from the program.

"I love it to tell you the truth, to be honest about it," said Bryant. "It's actually like self motivation to see yourself improve."

But now, Dr. Stacey Mabray with Richmond County schools says students across the county can use the program for test preparation and grade recovery.

"So if you have a student who may have not done very well on Unit 2, and the teacher wanted to have them go back and revisit some ideas, the teacher can actually assign lessons that cover the topics for Unit 2," Dr. Mabray explained.

She says last year, the first year that the center started using Egdenuity, 30 students who were extremely behind were able to graduate on time.

"They just feel like 'ugh, I'm still going to school.' But it really gives them the opportunity," said Dr. Mabray. [They may think they] have messed up in the 9th grade or in the 10th grade, but there is room for redemption."

And after struggling, both Gilmore and Bryant are grateful for the opportunity to continue succeeding.

"[I've] never bragged to my mom about that," said Bryant. "I'm being successful in school. I actually feel successful right now just by seeing myself improve."

"It's going great--I'm almost done. I'm on 73.9 percent," said Gilmore.

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