Man injured after breaking into house

News 12 @ 6 o'clock/ Friday, July 18, 2014

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AUGUSTA, Ga (WRDW) -- One Augusta woman says she had to protect herself after a man busted through her front door, armed with a knife.

But it doesn't end there, a cab driver says he dropped the suspect off at the home and heard the whole thing.

That suspect, 26-year-old Eric Harlan, is at Georgia Regents Medical Center recovering from a gunshot wound to the stomach.

Deputies were called to the home on Lucas Circle around 8 Friday morning. Family and neighbors, are still pretty shaken up.

Dennis Weatherman works for Checker Cab Company. When he picked up Eric Harlan around eight this morning, he thought it was just going to be another job.

When they arrived at the house on Lucas Circle off Phinizy Road, Weatherman says the problems started when Harlan didn't have enough money to pay the fare.

"He said I'll be right back, I'm going to go inside and get the rest of the money for you. A couple minutes later, I heard someone kicking down the door from the sound of it and then it gave way," Weatherman said.

Home owners say that's exactly what happened. They tell News 12 Harlan kicked down their door, and entered the bedroom armed with a knife.

"About thirty seconds later I heard two quick pops, sounded just like gun shots. And I said please don't tell me someone just got shot," Weatherman said.

Larry Crowe lives just two doors down and heard police sirens wailing.

"I want our neighborhood to be safe. I just hope it was someone from outside the neighborhood," Crowe said.

Butler Creek management say the intruder was an ex-boyfriend. Weatherman said after he heard the shots, a woman came out and said that she had shot him, and that they have had problems with him before.

Weatherman says, he would have done the same.

"I hate to say it but you don't kick in someone's door without getting shot," he said.

Harlan is still at the hospital. He will be charged with aggravated assault, burglary, and weapons charges. As for the family inside that home, the sheriff's office says they will not be charged with any crime in this.

The family tells News 12, none of their possessions are worth the lives of their loved ones.

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