Car stolen, another broken into after being parked in downtown Augusta

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News 12 at 6 o'clock / Sunday, June 23, 2013

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Downtown Augusta is one of Larry Andrews' favorite places to walk his dog, but he did have one bad experience a few years ago while visiting.

"My car was stolen. I came to the Civic Center for a concert, parked my car at the old federal building parking lot, and when I returned, the car was gone," Andrews said.

Sadly, another person now has to deal with the same issue Andrews did before. A older model BMW was taken while the owner was working inside a downtown restaurant and Andrews says he can just imagine what the victim is thinking.

"Man it's just terrible -- terrible. A man can't even make a living -- you know he's working -- working hard to have his car stolen. You know, what type of people would do that? What type of person would do that?" he asked.

Andrews says having your car stolen, especially when you're at work, is a horrible feeling, but he suggests the victim use this as a learning experience.

"Since I've had my car stolen, I've had an alarm put in my vehicle that I drive now. So, you know, maybe an alarm system and maybe park it in an area that is well lit," Andrews said.

A Dodge Ram parked in the same area wasn't taken but had almost $1,000 worth of audio equipment stolen.

Despite the bad news, Andrews says downtown Augusta is still a good place.

"I love Augusta -- I'm a native Augustan, you know -- and I believe in downtown," he said.

So while Andrews is glad he's not the one dealing with a stolen car this time, one thing does bother him.

"You know, people go out and work for the material things, and to have someone else just to take it like that, it's very disappointing," Andrews said.

If you know anything about either of those cars, call the Richmond County Sheriff's Office at (706) 821-1080.

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