1 Cops show down, another 2 episodes to go

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News12 / Sunday Feb. 9, 2014

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Augusta, GA (WRDW)---- Saturday the nation got to see the Richmond County Sheriff's Office through the lens of the show Cops.

Deputy Mike Swint is a part of the crime suppression team for the county and says being a part of a show he's watched on TV is pretty cool.

"It was exciting. Not too many people can say they've been on COPS," said Deputy Swint.

The Cops crew filmed for 8 weeks, but only aired a 6 minute segment, and while the show focuses on cops catching bad guys Swint said the area, known as the Hill, isn't just filled with criminals.

"There's no area that's all bad. You have some areas that are worse than others and some areas that are better than others." he told News 12.

"We are getting this image that there is nothing good," said Javon Armstrong.

Armstrong, is a part of the Sandhills Neighborhood Association, and says he knows the show Cops is about good vs bad, but he and other members of the community want people to know there are good people who call it home.

"This is an area that, yea you maybe able to pick up a couple of things, but there are people that want to do better and looking for opportunities," he said.

Something the sheriff's office and Deputy Swint agree with.

"This is generally a good area. It's more elderly people that live up around here," said Swint.

The episode shows Swint chasing after a suspicious man who ran, but had no drugs on him. The suspect was taken to jail for an outstanding warrant, but drugs were still taken off the street.

About $80 worth of crack cocaine was found in bushes. Swint said drug dealers sometimes hide them there-- but the most important thing to him is that the right hands found it.

"Especially knowing that we found the cocaine that was on the ground and there are children that live around this area," he said.

There will be at least another two episodes. One on Feb. 22 and March 1.

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